Melissa Puryear

College Graduate, AA Journalism, and AA Communication in Bakersfield, Ca

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I am a recent graduate of BC, where I double-majored in journalism and communication.

As a student journalist and communicator, I interviewed community officials and experts on important issues that impacted our community. My articles and speeches focused primarily on, crime, safety, education and politics.

For instance, I wrote an informative article on the Measure J plan, a initiative funded by the residents of Bakersfield which promoted better education. It's basic rollout began with improvements on BCs college campus, and then called for complete demolition and renovation of classroom buildings, the stadium, classroom equipment, and educational offerings.

As a journalist I also covered the controversial legislative bills that were introduced in Sacramento, such as the Gas Tax and it's repeal measure, as well as covering the legislative bill that provided pro bono attorney representation for veterans facing criminal convictions. I also covered an article on California's controversial measure that would give shorter conviction time to those incarcerated for non-violent crimes; those who had been incarcerated would be released and given a chance to find meaningful employment.

As a Managing Editor I assisted the news team by editing and publishing articles for online and print format, successfully meeting tight deadlines and producing high-quality news stories.

I became proficient in software programs Premiere Pro, Indesign, Photoshop, and AfterEffects.

I also learned and utilized skills in photography by shooting and editing videography, and producing my own podcast.

As a communication major I wrote outlines for presentations, created PowerPoint slides and presented ideas to my peer audience in the following communication courses: persuasive, business, organizational, small group, intercultural communication, public speaking, oral interpretation, and rhetoric and argumentation, with a 4.0 grade point average.

I am a member of the Sigma Chi Eta National Honor Society, a distinction given to only 15 students of my graduating class.

I plan to attend Wright State University and pursue my bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communication.

I am a military veteran with five years of service as a military police officer, and am honored to have served.

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